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» Niobium

It is ductile and easy to fabricate at room temperature. It has considerable strength at elevated temperatures. Niobium is second only to Tantalum in corrosion resistant - Corrosion Niobio - properties and is resistant to many liquid metals at high temperatures.

Niobium Foil Strip Coil

Niobium has low ductile-brittle transition temperature and excellent electron emission characteristics at high temperatures, good weldability under a clean, dry, inert gas or a vacuum.

You find Niobium Screws (Niob Schrauben), Sheets, Foils, Tubes (Niob Rohre) and many more which makes it easy to protect your construction against corrosion (Corrosion Niobio).

Anodurit - the next level anodizing anodising titanium tantalum» Anodizing Niobium

Like Titanium and Tantalum - it is possible to anodize Niobium. Oxide layer thickness defines its color. is the true to size solution. Only with Anodurit the surface remains as is!

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